Adaptive Yoga

Laurie Clarke has been certified by the Yoga of the Heart Cardiac Teacher Training program, a highly acclaimed therapeutic Yoga practice developed by Nischala Joy Devi. This program adapts the traditional Hatha Yoga practice to the special needs of those suffering from life threatening diseases. Nischala Joy Devi, author of The Healing Path of Yoga, is an internationally renowned teacher. During her 18 years as a monk, she began discovering how to blend traditional western medicine with yoga and meditation. She then offered her skills in developing the yoga portion of the Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease, where she subsequently served for seven years as Director of Stress Management. She also co-founded the award-winning Commonweal Cancer Help Program. Laurie has studied extensively under the direction of Nischala, and has committed herself to carry on this valuable lifework.

The Yoga of the Heart program has been recognized by hospitals and health professionals throughout the world as a means to enhance the quality of life of all those suffering from disease and the resulting despair that can occur. This is achieved through the adaptation of the physical postures (Asanas), through the use of imagery, through deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), through regular meditation, through breathing practices (Pranayama), and through the adoption of a low-fat diet.

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