Private Lessons

There is the opportunity to work privately with Laurie Clarke at her Shemwood Garden location. These hour-long sessions are intended to provide a more personalized setting in order to adapt the Hatha Yoga experience to meet your individual needs. Here she is able to create a unique, one-on-one atmosphere which helps to guide you along your own path towards health and well being. Working with Laurie in her own home is ideal for those who find class settings too challenging or intimidating, or perfect for the student who wishes to take their own Yoga practice to a new level. She is also available to travel to your home to provide private sessions in the comfort of your own environment.  Gift certificates are available.


Contact: Laurie Clarke

(843) 729-4236

Shemwood Garden Session Fee: $65/hour
Virtual Session via Zoom Available: $65/hour
Private Session in your own location: $100/hour